Monday, March 9, 2009

"Fallen Soldiers"

1) What's the article about? Summarize it. 2) How does the story connect to our journalism class and journalism as a profession in general? 3) What questions does the story leave you with after reading it? List at least two.

The article,Fallen Soldiers, Coming Home in Public, by Katharine Q. Seeyle a writer for the New York Times discusses the controversial topic of whether or not the return of "fallen soldiers" should be public or private and the ban that was recently lifted on photography of said soldiers coming through Dover Air Force in Delaware.
This story connects to our journalism class in general and journalism as a profession in general because photography is a large part of journalism. Pictures capture the true essence of articles and the story's that go with them and without that words can only do so much.
The questions that this story leaves with me are, by controlling our perception of war isn't the government lying to us? Why should the identities of the fallen be hidden?